The Noun

Exercise 1.

Write the plural form of the following.

 A regular nouns

story, play, glass, flag, photo, name, match, knife, bush, chief, page, radio, roof, prize, set, key, factory, wolf, piano, class, cup, city

В irregular nouns

child, goose, man, foot, mouse, woman, sheep, person, deer, tooth, ox

С nouns of Greek or Latin origin

criterion, datum, formula, crisis, stimulus, index, phenomenon, medium, oasis, nucleus, memorandum, basis, radius, analysis, symposium, hypothesis

D compound nouns

fellow-worker, merry-go-round, man-of-war, passer-by, sister-in-law, forget-me-not, room-mate, lily-of-the-valley, ticket-holder, commander-in-chief, governor-general

Exercise 2.

Divide the following words into two columns: countable and uncountable nouns (you must get 25 uncountable nouns).

furniture, coffee, leaf, food, computer, list, blood, job, work, language, country, advice, information, money, progress, permit, permission, baggage, luggage, beach, traffic, weather, window, knowledge, air, water, holiday, damage, accommodation, scenery, scene, pigeon, bread, mountain, kick, news, accident, laugh, flour, laughter

Exercise 3.

Translate the following sentences into Russian paying attention to the words in bold type.

1. The windows in his car are made of unbreakable glass. 2. He gave me a glass of water. 3. These are the works of Shakespeare. 4. He is not at home, he is at the works. He is installing new equipment. 5. His work is rather dull,he thinks. 6. Do you have scales? I want to weigh this fish. 7. Celsius or Fahrenheit scales are used in many countries. 8.1 spilled the water, give me a cloth, please. 9. Have you bought cloth for draperies? 10. He's got his car insurance police. 11. She always criticizes the government's policy. 12.1 need an iron to press my dress. 13. These items are made of iron. 14. There is neither salt nor pepper on the table. 15. He planted several peppers in the hothouse. 16. Would you like some chocolate? 17. She took aehowlate out of the box. 18. He meets a lot of people every day. 19. A lot of different peoples live in Asia. 20. They run a very profitablebHsiness somewhere in South Africa. 21. Business is an essential part of American life.

Exercise 4.

Match the word on the left with its partner on the right.

Example: a piece       music a piece of music

1)   a lump

2)   a bit

3)    a flash

4)   a stroke

5)    a slice

6)   a clap

7)    a sum

8)   an article

9)    a loaf

10)  a bar

11)  a spot

12)  a carton

13)  a tube

14)  a puff

15)  an item

16)  a sheet

17)  a strip

18)  a grain

19)  a block

20)  a breath

a)   lightening

b)   thunder

c)   clothing

d)   air

e)   salt

f)   bread

g)   rain

 h) milk

 i)   soap

j)   toothpaste

k) cloth

1)   furniture

m) paper

n) cheese

o)   money

p)  luck

q)  ice

r)   sugar

s)   information

t)   smoke

Exercise 5.

Change the uncountable nouns in bold type into countable ones in the sentences using the words from Exercise 4.

Example: Buy some bread or. your way home. Buy a loaf of bread on your way home.

1.I had luck in the casino yesterday. 2,1 saw lightening and then heard thunder in the west. 3. How much luggage have you got with you? 4. Would you like some more cake? 5. Daddy brought me milk chocolate! 6, He blew smoke out of his pipe into the open window. 7', How much sugar do you take with your tea? 8. We need to buy some furniture for our kitchen. 9. Give me please brown shoe polish. 10, He told us very interesting information last night,

Exercise 6,

Write out the nouns which are used only in the plural form (you must get 25 nouns).

athletics, cattle, scissors, taxes, pyjamas, economics, police, news, means, goods, pants, subjects, billiards, darts, outskirts, premises, mechanics, spectacles, clothes, stairs, maths, shorts, tights, gymnastics, congratulations, crossroads, patience, scales, lodgings, foundations, equipment, research, authorities, soap, contents, looks, countryside, traffic-lights, tongs, toothpaste, headphones, delays, binoculars, electronics, eyes, trousers

Exercise 7.

Complete the following table and give the corresponding singular or plural form of the nouns, if any. If there is no the corresponding form, put a v. The first two words are given as examples.